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Recent advancements in dentistry mean that you can have a straight, beautiful smile without the use of traditional orthodontics. With Six Month Smiles®, patients can enjoy the outstanding outcomes traditional braces provide in a fraction of the treatment time - in as little as six months! Dr. Haney is a professional, caring and experienced dentist who is committed to providing the care and results that his patients deserve.

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Female Interviewer: Welcome back. There's a new way to get that gorgeous smile and it's called Six Month Smile. You'll be absolutely amazed at how much quicker and less expensive this process has become. Dr. Brooks Haney from Smiles of North Dallas is here to fill us in on this exciting new technology. Welcome, Dr. Haney. How are you? Dr. Haney: I'm excited to be here. Female Interviewer: I'm excited. That's like almost an oxymoron. Six-month braces? I didn't even know that that was possible. Tell me about this new technology. Dr. Haney: It's old tried and true technology that's been changed. We’ve altered the way the braces are made. They're clear. There's no wire to be seen so that the whole process is straight teeth in lesser time with cosmetic braces. Female Interviewer: That's so fantastic. We have some before and after images I want to take a look at that you can see the process. You were saying that it's primarily for adults. Take a look at this before image here. Dr. Haney: She was the nicest lady in the world. I get so attached to my patients. She had been an orthodontist and told she had needed four years of treatment. Female Interviewer: Wow. Dr. Haney: She came to me in tears saying, “Is that all the option I have?” You'll see what we did with Six Month Smiles in four months. Actually, it’s six months. Trust me. I thoroughly believe in orthodontics. The orthodontist would've done a wonderful job for her, but this is something we did in a lot faster time because she was happy with her bite. She was happy with her occlusion, the way her teeth fit together. She wasn't interested in doing a lot of things the orthodontist wanted to do. Female Interviewer: Wow. If we can show that before and after again together... It's coming up. That is amazing. Here's someone who was told by a well-known orthodontist that they needed four years of treatment. Here it is. Here's the before. Take a look at this. This is really incredible. This blows my mind. Six months. Look how happy she is, Dr. Haney. Dr. Haney: She's so happy. Female Interviewer: That’s amazing. Dr. Haney: I'm so attached to all my patients. You get to know them so well. We have a good time together. For her, it wasn't that the orthodontist was wrong. The orthodontist was right. There's some occlusal things, some bite issues that orthodontists can do better than anybody. But she really was just interested in her smile. This is an alternative for the people that are embarrassed of their smiles. You know the people at a party – they hide their teeth or they don't smile big. They're a little ashamed or not real confident. This gives them an alternative to go on through two to two and a half, three or four years of braces. Female Interviewer: So it's definitely faster. Say for example, you have a wedding coming up or some big event or maybe a reunion. Dr. Haney: Absolutely. Female Interviewer: You can think about whatever you might have going on in your life that’s happening in the next six months and this would be an alternative. Talk to me about cost. Is it the same as braces? Invisalign? Dr. Haney: It's less expensive. Female Interviewer: It's less expensive? Dr. Haney: That’s one of the beauties. We love Invisalign. It's a great product. We do a lot of that. We do a lot of porcelain veneers. Those are great products, but they're a little more expensive and they take a little longer. Female Interviewer: Right. Dr. Haney: This is a little less expensive, it’s a little more under our control and it’s fun. If you ask my staff, it’s our favorite. If this is all we did, we'd love it. It's so much fun. Female Interviewer: That's so fun. I want to see another patient. Dr. Haney: Okay. Female Interviewer: Do we have any more images that we could pull up so you can see? Wow. Dr. Haney: Yeah. This is a space case. A lot of people have a gap between their front teeth that they're embarrassed of. Female Interviewer: I'm looking at this and I’m asking myself. You're telling me, Dr. Haney, that in six months that can be fixed? Dr. Haney: In six months. Yes. Female Interviewer: That is wild. Dr. Haney: It's crazy. There was a crown on one of the front teeth. It isn’t very pretty. We didn't do that, but we fixed that later for her as well. Female Interviewer: Wow. Dr. Haney: But one of the things that we do after we finish the Six Month Smiles is we whiten their teeth. When we're all finished, she goes from having a gap between her teeth to that. Female Interviewer: Absolutely beautiful. That is truly magic in six months to see. Here's the before. Watch for the after. She looks like a different person. Dr. Haney: Is she happy? Female Interviewer: That is the beauty of this. It really is something that’s going to make you feel good about yourself, inside and out. It’s so exciting. I really appreciate you sharing this new technology with us, Dr. Haney. To get more details on the Six Months braces, you can contact Dr. Brooks Haney at Smiles of North Dallas off of Renner Road in Richardson. Their office number is 972-644-9595, or you can check out their website at We'll be right back. Stick with us.

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I can't say enough good things about Dr. Haney and his staff! They truly care about their patients and they are the best that I've ever experienced.... I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Haney and his wonderful staff!

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